Faith Hill on growing out her armpit hair for 'Yellowstone' prequel series

For her role in the Paramount+ drama 1883, Faith Hill wasn't thrilled with changing her beauty

For Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, she spoke with Shining Vale's Courteney Cox 

About growing out her armpit hair so she would be more authentic as she gained control of Yellowstone Ranch

Her husband and co-star Tim McGraw, who was out at a wedding with her, first informed her she would have to forgo shaving when Taylor Sheridan called

As a result of having had laser hair removal on her armpits, Cox could not take on the role

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hill acknowledged the series' attention to detail despite not liking the armpit look

Women had to wear corsets - and they were real corsets - and it was difficult for them to wear

It was a very physical series, but it allowed us to become these people in 1883

It was period-appropriate everything, from the horses to the wagons to the saddles, to the reins

Bringing this world to life, that was crucial and absolutely necessary. Everyone involved did an amazing job