Evil Chris Evans can't save Netflix's :  The Gray Man review

There is no doubt that the Russo brothers are masters at making superhero movies.

It would be helpful if they had more experience with superspies

The adaptation of Mark Greaney's novel is tonally inconsistent and narratively  is very thin. 

Even so, the stylish and slick thriller brings sass to the secret agent genre, and there are worse things than watching an evil Chris Evans murder Ryan Gosling.

In 1899, when Court Gentry (Gosling) was incarcerated, Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) recruited him to kill people for the CIA.

Six has become renowned for his expertise in Black Ops and his latest mission finds him on assassination duty in Bangkok

Six has access to a drive full of dirty secrets that haughty CIA boss Denny Carmichael does not want to leak.