Doja Cat loses 200K devotees in the wake of hammering Noah Schnapp, who gains 2M

Earlier this week, Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp shared a private conversation he had with singer Doja Cat

According to Noah's screenshots, Doja asked him if his co-star Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson) had a girlfriend

Later, Doja slammed Noah for sharing the screenshot, but his fans reacted by calling him out for 'going after a teenager'

As a result of their spat, Noah gained nearly 1 million Instagram followers while Doja lost many fans

Noah's Instagram followers have increased from 24.25 million to 25.17 million, which means he gained approximately 920k followers

As of Wednesday, she has 24.14 million, an increase from 24.34 million

"So I think that, just for the sake of being fair, let's first be chill about it. Noah is a kid, but I don't even know how old he is, but there's no way he's over 21

But when you're that young, you make mistakes. You say dumb things, you f**k up relationships with people. You do dumb stuff."