Defamation trial for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has led to yet another project for the Pirates star

Depp and Heard's defamation trial ended at the beginning of June, with Depp being awarded $10 million in compensatory damages

And $5 million in punitive damages (that amount was later reduced to $350,000)

In the meantime, Depp is focusing on other projects while Heard (who was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages) plans to appeal the verdict

It's no secret that Johnny Depp will play Louis XV in Jeanne Du Barry, and shortly after the trial ended

It was revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star will collaborate with guitarist Jeff Beck for an album slated for release in July

Depp will reunite with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen for a Hollywood Vampires tour in the summer of 2023 in Germany and Luxembourg

The tickets go on sale Monday, June 27, and you can see which specific places in those countries these men will visit in the Instagram post

Johnny Depp's latest film, Minamata, will be streaming on Hulu starting July 8 for those interested in his cinematic endeavors