David Oyelowo is set to star in a pilot for the 1883 spinoff series Bass Reeves directed by Taylor Sheridan

With Taylor Sheridan directing the Paramount+ pilot, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story gets the Yellowstone touch

On Thursday that Yellowstone creator and showrunner Sheridan would direct the pilot of the six-part limited series starring David Oyelowo as the legendary Wild West cowboy

The decision was made after Sheridan received the script and was impressed with the direction.

He later contacted Oyelowo, who encouraged him to steer the ship

"I think [Taylor] is one of the best directors on the planet," Oyelowo told Deadline of the two episodes Sheridan will direct

We need to fill the show with a lot of Black people so that going forward we do not run out of the top-flight Black directors

The Bass Reeves Story would cross over into other Yellowstone shows, Oyelowo stated that it was more of a "stand-alone story" regarding 1883

Selma star Paul Dano said that there was "a huge physical component" to preparing for the role of Bass Reeves