Danai Gurira announce new 'Walking Dead' series

"The Walking Dead" stars previewed its final eight episodes at Comic-Con with tears, memories, hugs, and high fives - plus some surprises.

It's not our show. It's our show," Norman Reedus said at the Friday panel.

It has been a frequent stop for the AMC apocalypse drama over the years. The last batch of episodes airs on Oct. 2

Even though the main show is ending, the "Walking Dead" universe is expanding and bringing back old friends

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira announced a new six-episode series premiering on AMC+ in 2023

With a Maggie and Negan facing the undead in what's left of New York City in the upcoming spinoff "Isle of the Dead." 

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are currently filming "Isle of the Dead," which will air next year.

In Season 9, Lincoln's Rick Grimes was last seen being taken away in a helicopter, and Gurira's Michonne went in search of him.