Dakota Johnson's Legs Are Super Toned In A Leather Miniskirt

Dakota Johnson was filming a commercial for Gucci in Los Angeles last week, and she looked stunning in it

Dakota wore a black one-shoulder top, leather miniskirt, and cute white heels on the set

During the photo shoot, The Peanut Butter Falcon actress, 32, was picking flowers from a flower stand 

And it was the perfect opportunity to show off her sculpted arms and legs

Dakota spends her free time exercising with her trainer Luke Worthington, a sports scientist, PT, nutritionist, and strength and conditioning specialist 

Ramona Braganza also trained her for 50 Shades Freed 

According to Cosmopolitan, Braganza led Dakota through five workouts a week

Dakota had her food delivered to the set by a service that prepared meals for her throughout the shoot