Colin Kaepernick’s opinions were very clear to Tony Romo

Kaepernick is still unsigned, having left the league after the 2016 season

Although, over the years, some notable quarterbacks have shown support for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback

Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, said in 2017 that Kaepernick was talented enough to play in the league

In 2017, Romo said, "I know he cares about his cause. And I think he'll probably get back in at some point."

Five years have passed and Kaepernick is still not in the NFL

Roma did say that NFL teams don't want distractions at the backup quarterback position

As a backup in the NFL, you really don't want a lot of press," Romo said to USA TODAY

"It's just difficult to bring them in unless they're your starter. Regardless of whether they're starters or backups, they'll be discussed anyway."