Colin Kaepernick Status With Raiders Gets Fresh Update

Bringing Colin Kaepernick in for a tryout surprised a lot of people this past month

Kaepernick has been out of the league since 2016, when he decided to publicly protest racial injustice before games

Even though there was much talk about him getting another crack at the pro ranks, no opportunities ever materialized

Two other teams became interested in Kaepernick after Las Vegas invited him in

Kaepernick's skills as they stand today emerged from the aftermath with pretty clear evidence

As far as Colin Kaepernick's post-workout status in Las Vegas is concerned

I understand that Kaepernick's future as a Raider isn't necessarily off the table, but it's also not definitive yet either,

Kevin Kaepernick is 34 years old and was an athlete who relied a lot on his athleticism to succeed .Athleticism usually declines with age