Chris Hemsworth Responds to Rumors He’s Done With Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder is Chris Hemsworth's fourth solo Marvel film as the God of Thunder, but the film also marks several firsts

Thor hasn't been seen by audiences since Avengers: Endgame

In Love and Thunder, he's joined by a star-studded ensemble of actors from multiple films and franchises, and he's no longer the one and only Thor

The character is the last original Avenger still active in the MCU, so his future is in question, as this is his fourth film

Leading up to the film's premiere, Chris Hemsworth stated that Marvel's Love and Thunder "may be his last

Due to the rising rumors, the actor has revealed what his intentions are and what his future may hold within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The assurance that Chris Hemsworth will return "until someone kicks me off the stage" is a huge relief to Marvel fans, and especially Thor fans

It's also contradictory to what the actor has previously said about his MCU future