Cavallari says she divorced Cutler was the best thing she ever did

In a recent podcast interview, Cavallari revealed that her divorce from husband Jay Cutler was one of her best decisions

She explained to the host how her three children have inspired her to be the best version of herself, saying, I can only be as good to my kids as I am to myself

I knew in my gut for a long time that I had to do it. She elaborated, "Being in a relationship I was unhappy in wasn't going to work."

It was the scariest thing she's ever done to get a divorce, as well as the "best" thing for herself

Early in the conversation, she reflected on the split and its broader impact on her life

Cavallari, 35, married former NFL quarterback Cutler, 39, in June 2013

Camden, 9, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 6, are their children

She dated the then-Chicago Bears quarterback for less than a year before she got engaged to him in 2011