Bella Hadid Arrives In The Metaverse With A New Line Of NFTs

It was only natural for Hadid to be excited by the aesthetic possibilities of creating art using her own image

The artists would then be able to use the 3D scan to create the NFTs

I stood in the middle and changed my shape, so that it was able to capture all these different parts of my body, my facial expressions, fingers, and toes

She also built this new platform to have a community element beyond the look and feel of the NFTs

Hadid's NFTs will eventually grant you access to online and real-life meet-and-greets with the model, though some of the details are hazy

If you're having coffee in Tokyo and all of a sudden I'm right next door to you, you'd get a ping," she says.

Hadid certainly knows how to capture audience attention online

The world wide web has already recognized her as gold