Before shows, Elvis prayed as a devout Christian

His stepbrother recalled that Elvis Presley would pray before going on stage, reading the Bible, and seeking guidance from God in everything he did.

According to Billy Stanley, who also worked for Presley, "we knew when he bowed his head," noting that he did not recite the prayer aloud.

It probably lasted about 15 seconds

Once I asked him, ‘Why do you say the prayer before the concert?

He said: ‘It kind of settles my nerves but also I want God to help bless this concert, so make it a good one.’ He always turned to God whenever he needed help.”

Presley once told him that a show was like a first date: "You never know how it will turn out, but you always hope it will be good."

Stanley believes that Presley's Christian faith is not realized despite his love of gospel music.