Stranger Things season 5 Duffer brothers dash fans hopes for final episodes

Stranger Things writers have explained how they chose who would die in season four

The second volume of episodes for season four was released on Friday (1 July)

As Netflix continues to break records, millions of viewers have been watching the new episodes

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have now explained why they killed off who they did, and shattered fan hope in the process

Eddie Munson, who had been introduced in episode one of season four, died in the final episode

The brutal irony of Eddie Quinn's sacrifice is that Hawkins' residents believed him to be a murderer, and made his death a nightmate as he went to his death

As a result of the season four finale, fans have been requesting Eddie's return in season five

According to the Duffer brothers, in a new interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, this speculation is unfounded