Austin Butler sings in new 'Elvis' biopic

Taking on the role of Elvis Presley is a daunting task

You will have millions of adoring, protective fans who will watch and critique every move you make

There have been numerous attempts to play Elvis on big and small screens: Don Johnson in 1981's "Elvis and the Beauty Queen," 

Michael Shannon in 2016's "Elvis and Nixon," and David Keith in 1988's "Heartbreak Hotel," to name a few

Kurt Russell's performance in "Elvis," the 1979 TV movie directed by John Carpenter, probably earned him the most acclaim (and deservedly so)

In Austin Butler's performance in the upcoming film "Elvis," we see a 30-year-old actor who is probably best known for his role as Charles Manson 

Follower Tex Watson in "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood." He has done an outstanding job portraying the famous performer.

The movie is further enhanced by Tom Hanks' Oscar-winning performance and Baz Luhrmann's stunning visual style