Ashton Kutcher Response to Mila Kunis Time 100 Honor

Ashton Kutcher will always have hearts in his eyes when it comes to Mila Kunis

The actor, 44, was asked about his real-life leading lady being chosen as one of Time's 100 most influential people in 2022 

When ET spoke with him at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Vengeance – his first role in nearly a decade

"She may have been number 100 for Time, but she was number 1 for me," Kutcher said.

As part of the Time honors, Kunis's fellow actress Zoe Salda*a praised her for her commitment to marriage and motherhood

Salda wrote, "She gives 100% to every role she plays: in her role as a mother

As a wife, as a daughter, as a granddaughter, as a friend, as a producer, as an actor."