Anne Hathaway’s New Bombshell Style

The coastal grandma trend has made Anne Hathaway a leading advocate, but it's not her linen slacks that catch our eye

She has enjoyed a rebranding since switching stylists from Law Roach to Erin Walsh

Walsh, who joined Wecrashed at the peak of its buzz, has a way of capturing all the whimsy of Hathaway and bringing it to a more coherent whole

Walsh's approach to dressing her clients is grounded, while Roach offers truly magical fashion - with a Hollywood twist, of course

Roach built Zendaya's directional fashion archive and reshaped Celine Dion's public image

Over the course of her two-decade career, Walsh has seen what works for Hathaway, as well as when her style went too far

Anne is a longtime friend of the Italian house and the perfect poster girl for Pierpaolo Piccioli's bold use of block colors

The Devil Wears Prada star's fuchsia pink PP looked shocking yet chic, his sunshine yellow was positively divine