There's a possibility Amber Heard may not be a part of Aquaman 2 But its a rumors

In a test screening for Aquaman 2, Warner Bros. increased Amber Heard's role as Mera, not decreased it, as some rumors have suggested

Twitter users are reporting about the Aquaman 2 test screening, with one user in particular tweeting 

They just got confirmation that Amber Heard stars from start to finish in the flick, with Mera's screentime in the flick roughly 20 to 25 minutes

As Walter Hamada, the head of DC films, points out, Amber Heard's performance in the first Aquaman movie was very good

So Warner Bros may be testing the waters to see if including Heard will improve the movie

Since many fans are expecting the actress to take on the role

Aquaman 2 spoilers were also revealed during trial regarding Mera

Where it was said Mera appears at the beginning of the film and returns to wrap things up at the end