Amanda Seyfriend Explains Her Mixed Feelings About Elizabeth Holmes

When it comes to Elizabeth Holmes, Amanda Seyfried has mixed feelings

Seyfried has known Holmes isn't a perfect person since she played the disgraced CEO of Theranos in The Dropout

In Variety's Actors on Actors series, Seyfried told Jared Leto that whatever she's sentenced to is what she deserves

However, Seyfried feels sympathy for Holmes, who was found guilty of one conspiracy 

To commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud in February, saying, "Yeah, she lied a lot. She's a mother."

In WeCrashed, he played Adam Neumann, who resigned as WeWork's CEO following a vote of no confidence

Having experienced the experience, Leto realized that not everyone is the same. No one is the same

Hulu is streaming The Dropout now, and Apple TV+ is streaming WeCrashed