After David Beckham said she had eaten the same meal for 25 years, Victoria

Earlier this year, David Beckham said that Victoria Beckham only ate fish and vegetables

Beckham defended her strict diet in an interview with Vogue Australia

The former member of the Spice Girls said in the interview, "Talk about making me sound boring!".

"What he meant is that he's never met anyone more disciplined when it comes to eating."

Beckham consumes a lot of healthy fat, such as fish, avocados, nuts, etc., and regularly drinks alcohol unless she has a good reason not to

The fashion designer revealed, "I'm quite extreme in everything I do, be it eating, working out, or drinking

Beckham told Vogue Australia that her workout routine involves Pilates, treadmill runs, and intense weight training

During an appearance on iHeart's "River Cafe Table 4" podcast in February, David discussed his wife's eating habits