Aaron Rodgers reveals his first ‘deep and meaningful’ tattoo

Ahead of his 18th season in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers got inked up

The Packers quarterback shared his new tattoo on Instagram on Wednesday, and pledged to explain why all the details in it are “deep and meaningful” to him at an undisclosed later time

I am grateful for his mastery and friendship," Rodgers wrote in the caption

There's a deeper story and meaning behind every element of this art piece, and I'll share a little more about it one day

A website for Balazs Bercsényi, the Hungarian tattoo artist tagged by Rodgers, describes his style as "distinct, identifiable, and meticulous."

His artwork is heavily influenced by ancestor practices and rituals, spirituality, sacred geometry, the occult, and sculpture, notes Bercsenyi's 

His trademark signature for independent art projects has been to create black and gray talisman tattoos with single needles and fine lines

The Green Bay Packers' signal caller has won the NFL MVP each of the last two seasons, raising questions about his future