A Major Villain Is Probably Returning for Yellowstone Season 5

Season 5 is still a few months away, but one more character may be making a triumphant return to the show soon

In season 2, fans may recall the businessman being a bit shady when John Dutton refused to agree to shut down Thomas Rainwater casino project

In revenge, he hired a militia to kidnap Kayce's son and assault Beth .

As a result of John's mortal wounds on Malcolm in a standoff, I am sure we all assumed that Malcolm died

Earlier this month, Neal himself informed TV Line that there may be more to yellowstone than what fans initially thought

We have talked about the possibility that Malcolm Beck didn't actually close his eyes

Yellowstone keeps fans on their toes by creating a revolving door of villains including Danny Huston, Josh Holloway, and Wes Bentley

As a result, it's not far-fetched that Malcolm returns more menacingly